April 9, 2006

And what’s new?

Well, I’ve made some progress in the last days… I finally started on SPC-700 Emulation and have written some opcode helper functions. Managed DirectX finally works the way it should so I created a dll that abstracts the emulator from the drawing API. Now it works like a semi plugin, I have several features planned, but for now this is as good as it gets. Next in line is to finish SPC-700 Emulation and get basic controller emulation to start running commercial games and start to debug the core. Features planned for the plugin include hardware filters using the programmable pipeline (filters like 2xSAI, Scale2x and the likes) as well as some postprocessing effects like grayscale and invert among others.

I was thinking about making a hardware renderer using shaders, but I’m still thinking about how to emulate features like HDMA and the likes…

That’s about it for now, new changes are in the SVN Repository…


Alberto Simón

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