April 5, 2006

Speed, isn’t that what we all want?

Well, SDL.NET got the boot (partially) since I’ve determined that it’s graphics constructs are too ‘High Level’ for my tastes (Look who’s talking… anyways). The thing is that, in the managed world, if you want interaction with the unmanaged world you have to keep it as low as possible. SDL.NET relies heavily on Tao.SDL and it’s P/Invoke constructs, and since I can’t change that, I’ll resort to other means… And how’s that? well I’m also working in my own ‘Low Level’ 2D Graphics Library in C# (What a contradiction I might add), well not really low level, but at least lower than Sdl.NET and pretty low for C# standards. The difference is that I only use Tao.Sdl to get access to the framebuffer, the rest of the work is done on the managed side, that means my blitter is implemented in c# along with the rest of the things. And it appears that this way of doing things is faster than running unmanaged code directly.

In brief, Tao.Sdl is my new API and on top of that I’m creating a Graphics Library to do all the work I need, and do it as fast as possible with as little interaction with the unmanaged world as possible. A working copy is distributed alongside IPSEmu, it’s no use to release as another project since I’m also relying on SdlDotNet for the message loop and a lot of other stuff that I haven’t implemented and probably WILL take a long time to implement. The idea behind the library (under Bigwave.Graphx namespace) is to push pixels as fast as possible onto the screen and that’s the only thing it does (for now…).

Anyways the working copy of svn has the changes. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Until the next time.

Alberto Simón

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