April 4, 2006

So what is this IPSEmu thing?

IPSEmu is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Why do I want to write another one with so many out there you ask? Well, it’s maily my hobby. Besides I want to see how far can I get on a managed environment. If all goes well, It should run on PC’s and XBox360 (thanks to the future XNA Framework), as well as powerful PDA’s. Anyways, it is not intended to replace any existent emulator, since I doubt it will ever be as fast. But I do hope that it gets to be equally compatible.

IPSEmu means Infinity Project - Snes Emulator. The name came from the fact that I see this project as a neverending one, hence Infinity, and the abbreviation comes from the fact that it would otherwise be an extremely long name (I like explicit names, but for the sake of simplicity…).

 The current status is:

  • Main CPU is almost completely emulated, a few opcodes need revising for timming purposes.
  • DMA’s are emulated.
  • HDMA’s are partially emulated.
  • Mode[0-2] are partially emulated.
  • Scrolling is emulated.
  • Color Windows, Clip Windows, Layers, Mosaic, etc… are not emulated features.
  • Lorom only and only roms with headers (smc). I have to spend some time to create an algorithm to detect rom types.
  • FastROM emulated.
  • As far as it goes, emulator timings are far from perfect but pretty accurate for this early stages.

Everything else is not emulated, but I’m obviosly working on it. Commecial games do not run since there is no SPC700 emulation, besides the fact that there is no input either so it wouldn’t make sense to run them. It will take some time to get this into the emulator since I’m currently working out speed related issues, more specificly rendering speed. Both SdlDotNet and MDX are giving me a hardtime (I’m looking on how to get these to work the way I want as fast as GDI+ at least), so currently GDI+ is what I’m using (interestingly it’s the fastest method for unscaled rendering).

I’ll keep you posted on anything else. You can get the source through svn, since cvs is down until past tomorrow. Anyways, when cvs is up again I’ll upload the project, till then svn is the way to go (I’ll still use svn since I like it more). 

Until the next time.

Alberto Simón

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