April 10, 2006

Hardware filters.

I found that Ryan Nunn had ported the 2xSAI Algorithm along with Scale2x to HLSL so most likely I’ll be using both with my emulator, since I can’t spare any cpu cycle. PPU Rendering hogs the CPU a lot and until I can find a way to reduce this I’m screwed… Say, 10% of my processor time is dedicated to CPU Emulation alongside every thing that implies including HDMA and readying the data for the GPU (except the actual rendering of the PPU) vs 60% on average just calling the draw function… If anyone knows how to reduce this please let know since this is really bugging me…

Anyways, the shaders still have to be tested and (probably) modified a little bit to work on my emulator, I’ll let you know when they are working.

Until the next time (Which I believe will take some time)…

Alberto Simón

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